London Remixed

Using incremental housing ideas to maximise the use of meanwhile spaces with the aim of providing social agility in the inner city

Competition entry for DenCity 2017 in partnership with Shelter Global


As inhabitants of London, we have become accustomed to seeing vast swathes of social housing demolished in preference of the monotony of high-end apartments that seldom reprovide the affordable housing lost.  Central London has become vacuous and sterile, as key workers, young professionals and others on lower incomes move further into the suburbs.  We believe in ‘remixing’ tenure in central London to enable diverse communities to flourish and gain access to a fair share of high quality public services. 


Our idea hopes to maximise the potential of dormant sites - earmarked for future development - and make them work hard for ordinary Londoners on ordinary wages.  Using pre-fabricated building technology, an app driven design process puts control back in the hands of the user, allowing incremental growth tailored to an individual’s needs.

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