Garden Barge

A floating verdant garden for the public, proposed for Regent's Canal

As the Garden Bridge sinks a whopping

£38 million of public money into its watery grave, Londoners grieve the loss of their promised verdant utopia while simultaneously breathing a collective sigh of relief that no further funds are wasted over the much maligned political farce.


Well not to fear - Garden Barge is here!  A privately funded, publicly accessible, floating paradise offering "a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds are birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water’ (as Joanna Lumley had hoped for the Garden Bridge)


Our proposal for the Garden Barge flips the practices of the Garden Bridge procurement on its head (quite literally), from the open call competition stage, anonymity through judging, to the 100% private financing of the scheme.  The proposal inverts the voluptuous carcass of the garden bridge laying bare its bones to psychedelic effect.  With its blue timber shell set against the flowers and foliage, Garden Barge idly lilts amidst the Summer’s algae bloom

© 2020 Fisher Cheng