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Courtyard Co-location

Mixed use scheme comprising a church, community facilities and residential apartments in  Birmingham

Fisher Cheng was approached by a private client to develop the design for a new mixed use scheme in Birmingham town centre.

The project is defined as one building with 3 typologies; a Church on the ground level, a community hall on the lower ground level and residential units on the upper floors that will go to fund the development. Careful consideration has been given to optimise street frontage and maintain appropriate massing within a mid-rise urban context.

The internal courtyard serves as the heart of the design, providing natural daylight and activating all uses within the scheme. 

An emphasis has been placed on the civic nature of the building in the determination of its materiality. At street level, a precast fluted concrete cladding is proposed as a playful take on the traditionally civic language of columns and proportion.  In the community hall, this is punctured by glazed openings allowing visual interest from the street into the activity beyond. The plinth offers a tactility and depth to the elevation, creating interest through light and shadow along the street

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