Citadel in a Room

Honorable Mention in the RIBA Journal Room in a Room competition in conjunction with Sterling OSB

Citadel in a Room provides a fortified space for the testing of grand ideas, initially in private, and away from prying eyes. Although small in size, Citadel in a Room aims to inspire big ideas through the calming symmetry of its formal organisation and simple geometry, encouraging quietude and reflection. 

The semi-enclosed space is made private by the theatrical use of a curtain that encloses the study area when fully drawn. This allows an intimate space for concentration during the refinement of working ideas, unencumbered by external distractions. High-sided OSB panels to the four bastions of the Citadel provide acoustic and visual separation. The lack of a roof element allows ambient light to enter the space and maintains connectivity to the outside environment.

When the time comes for the ideas to be presented, a dramatic opening of the curtains reveals the Citadel for public viewing. Measuring 2.8m x 2.8m, the space is able to hold a privileged few, while it is open enough to allow the meandering visitors through the space.


"Strange OSB Trees in the corners hide the central workspace, helped by a circular curtain.  It's odd but quite nicely so" - Jan Kattein

Published in RIBA Journal, October 2018

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